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Hayden Rowe Candle Co.

Midway Scented Wax

Midway Scented Wax

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For us, the Midway is by far the most exciting part of any State Fair.  The smells, the colors and the lights are just thrilling.  This candy bakery blend of toasted marshmallow, caramel, cotton candy, cannoli, twinkies, apple and candy strawberry will have your head spinning! 

Simply pop the wax out of the package and melt it in your favorite wax warmer. 

This listing is for ONE piece of highly scented parasoy wax see sizes below. Very little cure time is required before use but the scent will be strongest if melted one month or more after the pour date. Actual product may vary in shape or color from those pictured. Vegan and cruelty free.

Instructions for use: place a one or two ounce piece of wax into your wax melter or tea light burner to scent your home with this delicious aroma. It is recommended to use a 18 watt or greater melter for maximum enjoyment. Always exercise caution when melting wax around children and pets as melted wax is hot enough to burn.  

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