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Hayden Rowe Candle Co.

Mountain Lites Firestarters

Mountain Lites Firestarters

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Weighing .5 oz and lightly fragranced in a variety of HR favorite scents, these firestarters will burn for 12 to 15 minutes even after being submerged in water. Perfect for fall nights by the fireplace or woodstove, outdoors camping or for a bonfire. 12 half ounce firestarters per bag. Our firestarters are made recycled biomass products such as paper, pinecones and blended wax. 

Enjoy your favorite Hayden Rowe scents as your firestarters wait to be used and the easiest way to start a fire you’ve ever tried.  

Simply arrange firewood as desired, place firestarter among wood and light the rim.  Once lit, arrange kindling over flame.  No need for newspaper, fatwood, man-made logs etc.

Keep away from children.  Do not store near flames or high temperatures.  Use in a well ventilated area and do not breathe fumes.  Never leave a fire unattended. Not for consumption.

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